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1. What number do I call if I need to talk to the Fire Department, but it's not an emergency?
2. Is backyard burning allowed? I have branches and yard waste I want to get rid of.
3. My smoke alarm “chirps,” what should I do?
4. I’d like to have a campfire in my backyard (or light my portable fireplace). Is this permitted?
5. My smoke alarm goes off for no reason. Why?
6. Do I need to contact you to install a wood stove or fireplace?
7. Is the Fire Department involved in the removal of heating oil tanks?
8. Am I allowed to use fireworks in the city?
9. Why do I sometimes get connected to the Fire Hall when I dial Nelson Hydro, Public Works, City Hall or Nelson Police Department?
10. Do you have any openings for auxiliary or career firefighters? Are you accepting applications?