What is a COSA?

The COSA (Cost of Service Analysis) study is an intensive review to ensure that each customer class both urban and rural is paying its share of each service provided. This review looked at the hydro rates and services in detail and recommended an adjustment to rural rates in order to cover the additional costs incurred to provide service to these areas.  Based on the 2019 data, Nelson Hydro collects less from rural customers than it costs to service the rural areas. Nelson Hydro has also filed a Rate Design Application with the COSA requesting the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) approval to increase rural residential rates. You can find the report submitted here.

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1. What is a COSA?
2. How are rates set?
3. What are the benefits of a city-owned utility?
4. Why does electricity cost more for rural customers?
5. How much will my bill be?
6. Can I reduce my power bill?
7. How do our rates compare with our neighbours?
8. What about the proposed rate of return? How do you benefit?
9. How have rural rates compared to city rates over time?