Evaluation criteria, costs, and floor plans


  1. Page two of the Call for Submissions states that first round submissions will be evaluated based on "concept, costs, performance, and design interest." Will these four criteria have a weighted value for each or are they general in nature?
  2. If costs are evaluated to determine winners, especially in the first stage, how will costs be verified? Affordability may be easier to quantify in round two once designs and materials are more precisely established but how so in round one?
  3. Page two also says only exterior drawings are required for round one. Can floor plans also be submitted?
  4. Is the submission to include only one 11x17 design board or can there be multiple 11x17's?Can they be submitted in either landscape or portrait format?


  1. The sentence you are pointing to is not the evaluation rubric; just a mere introduction/summary. Please instead refer to the last page of the Call for Submissions to see the evaluation criteria. Each will be given equal weight.
  2. Indeed, in round one we do not expect to verify or audit costs. Rather, it is up to entrants to convincingly articulate how the “Affordability” evaluation criterion is being met. What does the design do to keep both construction and ongoing upkeep costs relatively low? Numbers and percentages may be included, if desired. The Design Review Panel may choose to direct specific feedback or questions to those entrants who continue on to the second round.
  3. In round one, you are limited to the one design board to be able to include drawings. You are free to include floor plans if you so choose, but not to the detriment of clearing representing the exterior and building envelope.
  4. Only one design board per entry. Landscape or portrait.

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