Why is it important for the City to pass local regulations prior to legalization?

If the City of Nelson does not have local regulations for retail locations in place at the time of legalization, retail outlets with a provincial licence could locate anywhere in Nelson that retail is currently permitted. This includes:

  • In the downtown core and Baker Street
  • Along Nelson Avenue and Hwy 3A
  • In the west waterfront/industrial areas
  • In Railtown

There is a lot of demand to open cannabis retail outlets in Nelson. This could result in a variety of impacts for retailers, consumers and the public. The City wants to ensure zoning and regulations, such as location and number of retail outlets, are acceptable to residents and businesses in Nelson.

Existing rules, for example, require a minimum 1-kilometre separation between liquor stores.

In addition, cannabis legalization is intended to meet a number of public health goals that local regulations must address.

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