Is backyard burning allowed? I have branches and yard waste I want to get rid of.

Generally, no, backyard burning is not allowed. At the discretion of the Fire Chief, however, a brief period of time may be opened up to the citizens to participate in a limited backyard burn, usually in spring. Intended to mitigate build-up of hard to remove fuel, it is not a guaranteed annual occurrence.

When backyard burning is allowed, citizens must come to the Fire Hall to apply for a temporary burn permit. Burning without a permit may result in a fine or a fee for service. Applicants must meet certain basic safety and burn material requirements prior to a permit being issued to an address. Once a permit has been issued, owners must call the fire hall prior to lighting their pile of yard debris. This helps establish if the day’s conditions are favourable for burning, and helps avoid the arrival of a fire truck to your address. There is a $10 fee for the permit, payable by cash or cheque at the fire hall.

For more information, please call 250-352-3103.

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2. Is backyard burning allowed? I have branches and yard waste I want to get rid of.
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