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Scammers are always finding new ways to try to trick our customers; knocking on doors, calling customers, or sending emails pretending to be a representative from Nelson Hydro or another utility. It's important to protect yourself and your personal information.

Fraudsters can intimidate and threaten to cut off power unless payment is received immediately.

Nelson Hydro does not call you to collect credit card or banking information over the phone or accept payment from a prepaid credit or gift card. Nelson Hydro will accept payment over the phone if you call us and wish to make a payment on your account. 

If an account is behind on payments or in arrears, Nelson Hydro will send a bill, and then a Past Due Notice by mail asking for payment before a written Disconnection Notice is issued. If we have a phone number on file, we will call you through an automated phone service giving you payment options before a specified date. We do not require immediate payment. 

Nelson Hydro is not affiliated with any other utility within the province.

If you feel you have been contacted by a fraudster, please hang up and call us back at 250-352-8206 to speak with a Nelson Hydro customer service representative. Alternatively, you can visit us in person at City Hall, call Nelson Police at 250-354-3919, or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.