Landlords & Tenants

Downtown Nelson

Approximately 23% of Nelson Hydro's customers are tenants within our Service Territory. Here are some tips and options for both tenants and landlords to manage your electric account.

For Landlords

As the owner of a rental property, there are several things to be aware of as it pertains to the set-up and billing of the electrical services at your property.

Rental AgreementThe landlord, or the registered owner of an estate in fee simple as per the registered land title, has the responsibility of the property; its upkeep and the payment of land taxes and electric bills. Therefore, if a tenant does not pay electric bills, then any outstanding balance owing will be transferred to land taxes as per Sections 258 and 259 of the Community Charter Act of British Columbia and Schedule D of the Nelson Hydro By-Law No. 3196, 2012 for payment by the landlord. The Community Charter applies to owners within the City of Nelson Municipal boundary and owners within the Regional District of Central Kootenay within the Service Territory of Nelson Hydro.

Landlords can choose to set up an electricity account for their rental property in multiple ways:

  1. The Electric Account is in the landlord's name and the landlord pays the electric bills.
  2. The Electric Account is in the tenant's name. If non-payment occurs, the Past Due Notices and communications can be copied once the account is closed to the Landlord if requested. If the tenant does not pay the electric bill then the landlord is responsible.
  3. The Electric Account is in the tenant's name and all Past Due Notices and communications are sent to the tenant. If the tenant does not pay the electric bill then the landlord is responsible. 

Landlords can waive or lower the deposit required for tenant electric accounts if they send an email or call Nelson Hydro indicating that they will be responsible for unpaid balances.

Landlords can inquire about the monthly average bill amount and payment status of the tenant account ('paid to current' or 'overdue') but they cannot ask for specific information about consumption, payment types, or contact information.

Landlords are responsible to ensure that the Electric Account is in the tenant's name or else it will be automatically transferred to the landlord after 30 days. It is suggested the Electric Account is in the tenant's name before signing the Rental Agreement.

Landlords must be aware when purchasing rental properties that the previous balances owing to Nelson Hydro could still be on title for the property being purchased. Please ensure you and/or your lawyer complete the appropriate research prior to purchasing any type of rental property.

For Tenants

RentalAs it pertains to electric account deposits, tenants must pay a deposit unless they can provide a credit reference letter from another Canadian Utility that states their account was in good standing for over one year, or, a credit report from a Canadian Credit Bureau that indicates good credit rating or history.

The deposit is calculated as three (3) times the average monthly consumption over the prior 12 months.

Please be aware that your landlord can receive, if requested, late payment notifications. The only information shown is the past due amount. No personal information will be shared.

Electric Bills are issued bi-monthly. You have 30 days to pay the balance owed. If no payment has been received within the 30-days then a 5% late penalty will be added to the account and a Past Due Notice will be issued. You have 10 days from the Past Due Notice to pay the balance owed with a 5% late penalty. If no payment has been received after 10 days, then a Disconnection Notice will be issued. You have 7 days from the date of the Disconnection Notice to pay the balance owed or you risk disconnection.

Please consider keeping your contact information up to date so Nelson Hydro can reach you as part of our courtesy call prior to electric disconnection for non-payment.

Once disconnected, you are required to pay the full outstanding balance past due plus a reconnection fee prior to reconnecting the electricity at the property.