Relocate or Remove Electric Service

Electric Meter

If your existing electrical service is in conflict with planned renovations or additions, it may be possible to relocate the electrical service. Contact Nelson Hydro Design Team to arrange a site visit to explore available options. 

If you require your electrical service to be removed from the structure completely—to allow demolition, for example—contact Nelson Hydro Design Team to arrange a site visit to explore available options.

There are occasions when the existing electrical service may need to be temporarily disconnected. This can be arranged through your electrical contractor and Nelson Hydro. An example is a disconnection to allow for tree removal. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the service lines to the house clear. Disconnection and reconnection may be pre-arranged. Typically this service is offered at no cost, with some exceptions. Contact Nelson Hydro for full details.

Repair an Electric Service

If your existing electrical service requires replacement or repair resulting from damage (fire, storm, etc.), you will need to hire an electrical contractor. Nelson Hydro will coordinate the work with your contractor, who must supply a Work Safe BC Declaration to Nelson Hydro before service can be reconnected.


Contact Nelson Hydro Design Team as early as possible to start the appropriate site visit and work orders.