Net Metering

Net Metering

Net Metering is a program whereby customers can offset their electric power purchased from Nelson Hydro with their own solar electric generation. Nelson Hydro supports Net Metering up to 25kW, and as of December 2022, 32 customers are participating in this program.

How Net Metering Works

How Net Metering Works

Bi-Directional Meters

NH Net Meter PictureNet Metering uses a bi-directional meter to measure how much electricity is coming into the meter and how much customer generation is coming out of the meter. For more information please click here.

There are 4 pieces of information displayed on a bi-directional meter. The first is 88888 to reset the display on the meter. The second is dEL which is the amount of electricity in kWh delivered from the utility to your meter. The third is rEC, which is the amount of electricity in kWh received by the utility from your meter. The fourth is dEL is the demand of your home in kW. 

Interpreting Your Net Meter Electric Bill

The electricity you generate appears on your bill as Customer Generated as a credit. The customer generated usage (kWh) is multiplied by your electricity rate ($) to calculate the overall credit amount (CR). You still need to pay the Basic Charge, your other electric usage under Billed Consumption, and taxes. The amount owing is presented under the Current Charges Due.

The electricity you generate will supply the electricity needs of your home first. If you generate more than you need, excess generation will outflow from your meter and will be recorded on your bill as Customer Generated. Your Nelson Hydro bill will also show the amount of additional electricity needed to supplement your home or business, which is labelled as Billed Consumption.

Want to Apply for a Net Meter?

  1. Complete the Application for Net Metering and return it to Nelson Hydro at
    • You will need your Legal Description, your PID, the technical specifications of your unit, as well as the name and contact information of your electrical contractor.
    • Nelson Hydro will contact you with any questions they have about your service or project.
  2. Download and read the Interconnection Requirements for Small Net Metering Distributed Generators and then send it to your electrical contractor for review.
  3. Download and sign the Interconnection Agreement. The applicant (customer), the electrical contractor (hired by the customer), and Nelson Hydro must all sign this agreement. Return the signed form to
  4. Nelson Hydro schedules the work.
  5. Nelson Hydro installs a bi-directional meter.
  6. Customer receives their first bill.

Contact Us

For more information on Net Metering, please contact or at 250-352-8240.