Low Carbon Homes Pilot

Do you work in the building sector or are getting ready to build your own home? Are you interested in finding ways to reduce the emissions associated with constructing new homes or buildings?

In late 2021, the City of Nelson identified the need to enhance its approach to reducing the impact of our buildings by taking embodied carbon emissions (also referred to as material carbon emissions) into consideration alongside operational carbon emissions. While operational carbon refers to the greenhouse gas emitted through building energy use such as heating, cooling, and lighting, embodied carbon refers to the emissions produced through the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal of building materials. In short, embodied carbon refers to the emissions produced through the construction of a building.  

With support from FortisBC and the City of Castlegar, the City of Nelson created a Low Carbon Homes Pilot in early 2021 to complement our energy efficiency programming and begin finding ways to reduce embodied carbon emissions within our building sector. 

Learn more about the pilot and embodied carbon emissions by watching our findings presentation: 

Presentation LCHP Screenshot (wide)2

Still curious to learn more? Reach out to the Low Carbon Homes Pilot Coordinator, Natalie Douglas, at ndouglas@nelson.ca to hear more about the pilot and engage with the City on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within our building sector.