Climate Action Engagement


Due to COVID-19, the City of Nelson has had to cancel a number of scheduled, in-person engagement opportunities focused on our upcoming Climate Change Action Plan. To remain connected to our citizens and ensure that the Plan reflects our local context and community needs and interest, we have developed an action-focused ThoughtExchange exercise to crowdsource specific solution ideas to our City’s most pressing climate change challenges.

Before entering into the ThoughtExchange, please review the City’s Climate Change ‘Action Pathways’ below to learn more about the preliminary areas of focus in consideration. You may contribute ideas to one, many or all of the Action Pathways – depending on your interest.

Emission-Free, Risk Resilient Buildings & Development

Kick start and support a rapid transition to zero-emission and disaster-resilient homes, buildings and communities, and lower impact development and construction.

Integrated, Safe & Clean Mobility

Build zero-carbon, pollution-free mobility options and systems that are affordable, convenient and safe for all of Nelson’s residents and visitors.

Disaster Prevention and Resilience

Collaboratively prevent and prepare for the expected consequences of climate disruption, so that our city is set up to collectively adapt and thrive regardless of the shocks and chronic stresses we may experience in the coming decades.

Healthy and Abundant Natural Assets

Prioritize biodiversity and the evolving stewardship needs of our land and water, ensuring its ability to provide for human livelihoods and well-being - including the supply of food, freshwater and multiple other ecosystem services.

Localized and Resilient Green Economy

Foster climate change-resilient, localized, economic growth and diversification while ensuring that our natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies.

Liveable, Equitable and Mobilized Communities

Ensure that citizens are at the centre of the transition to low-carbon resilience, and that change occurs in a way that is broadly and deeply collaborative, maximizes equitable public benefit and livability, and minimizes harm.

Renewable Energy and Community Power

Transition toward an energy system powered by 100% renewable
and recovered energy sources, prioritizing participation in, ownership of, and sharing of collective benefits from renewable energy projects.

Reduced Consumption and Waste Elimination

Eliminate waste and extend our GHG mitigation opportunities beyond geographic borders, by embracing the circular economy, and prioritizing the prevention of material and energy waste.

Municipal Commitment and Collaboration

Continue to show municipal leadership on climate change by integrating climate action into every facet of our operations, and pursuing innovative tools and mechanisms for supporting, financing and monitoring our energy and ecological transition.