On-Bill Financing Program

City of Nelson

On-bill financing is a low-interest loan for home energy upgrades or electric bicycles. The loan is repaid on your Nelson Hydro electric bill. To qualify for an E-Bike or Energy Retrofit loan through your Nelson Hydro bill, the Loan Applicant must:

  1. own and live in the home within the City of Nelson.
  2. be enrolled in pre-authorized direct withdrawal payment for their residential Nelson Hydro electric bill.
    • Note: if you are not currently enrolled in a pre-authorized payment plan (i.e. direct withdrawal), please work with a Customer Service Representative in person at City Hall or contact hydroclerk@nelson.ca to enroll.
  3. have their Nelson Hydro, Property Tax, and Other Utility residential accounts in good standing for up to 2 years.
  4.  have two years of credit history, either with Nelson Hydro or another utility.
  5.  have all persons listed on the residential land title authorize the loan.
  6.  not be a commercial account or property.

Loans up to a maximum of $8,000.00 per household are available for an E-Bike. Loans up to a maximum of $16,000 per household are available for Energy Retrofits. Please read the Loan Terms & Conditions.

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For Nelson Hydro customers who reside outside city limits, please contact the EcoSave Program Manager for low-interest financing information that is available through our program partner at the Nelson & District Credit Union.