Pre-Reviewed Laneway House Plans

Pre-Reviewed Laneway House Plans Now Available

The City of Nelson now sells pre-reviewed plans for three different laneway house designs for $1,000 (plus GST) for laneway houses to be built in the City of NelsonYou benefit from a quicker application review process, a $450 development permit refund (in certain cases), and an award-winning design at a low cost.

For more information on this program and how to apply, consult the Guide to Purchasing Pre-Reviewed Laneway House Plans [PDF]. The guide also offers a sample images of nearly all the designs submitted to the competition.

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The winners of the 2019 Laneway House Design Competition:


Kootenay Three-Step design, submitted by Tony Osborn Architecture + Design Inc. of Vancouver. The design provides variations ranging from 571 to 848 square-feet.

Click here to open the design prospectus [PDF].

1st place

SECOND PLACE + "Eco Choice" Designation

“Nelson Peaks”, submitted by Tyler Reynolds & Adrienne Gerrits, Intern Architects (NSAA) of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It offers 850 square-feet of living space.

Click here to open the design prospectus [PDF].


THIRD PLACE + "Affordable Choice" Designation + People’s Choice Award

“The Pica”, submitted by Carmen DiPasquale of SNT Engineering and Rod Taylor of Rod Taylor Design, of Nelson. The base design provides 404 square-feet of living space, with options for a 165 square-feet addition, plus a basement.

Click here to open the design prospectus [PDF].


For more background information on the competition, please visit the Project Background page in the left-hand column.