Restorative Justice Program


We are continuing to offer our restorative justice services during this time. We are also taking new referrals.

 Depending on the circumstances and the comfort levels of everyone involved, we are working with clients through online conferencing, phone meetings, and/or in-person. We are following all the BC Government guidelines to minimize risk during in-person meetings, and can explore various options with clients on a case-by-case basis. Our staff are continuing to work at home and in the office. If you would like to contact us, email us at  or leave a voicemail at (250) 505-5654 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

 The safety of our clients, volunteers, and staff is paramount. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how your case might proceed with our health and safety processes in place. We hope that you are doing well during this challenging time.

The Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice (NPDRJ) Program has been designed to assist youth and adults alike to achieve responsible solutions to the problems created by crime and other types of harmful behaviors. Our volunteers are involved in facilitating constructive, meaningful dialogue between community members through education, role-modeling and consensus building.

Restorative Justice (RJ) focuses on the needs and concerns of victims and on repairing harm caused by conflict and crime. RJ involves the participation of those who have been harmed, those who have caused harm, and other affected parties in finding solutions that seek to repair harm and promote harmony.

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Nelson Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice process works to:

  • Provide support to those who have been harmed by creating a safe context in which participants can discuss how they have been impacted, and to have their questions answered
  • Assist those who have caused harm in sharing the circumstances of the incident, describe what they believe the effects of their actions have been and take responsibility for the harm caused
  • Give involved community members the opportunity to talk about how the incident has impacted them
  • To build consensus for a meaningful, reasonable and fair resolution
  • Identify and encourage participants to support the outcomes of the conference process and to ensure appropriate follow-up


Because of the seriousness of the work, NPDRJ has to be very selective of the volunteers they take on for casework. Unfortunately they cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be accepted as a caseworker, and they ask for your understanding if you are not asked to participate in the training.

NPDRJ wants potential volunteers to know that becoming a caseworker requires a significant time commitment (Approximately 12-14 hours a month), and that regular training meetings are part of that commitment.

NPDRJ currently has 15 committed volunteers. Our goal is to build the program over time and to eventually recruit and train new volunteers. We will advertise the positions when the need for more volunteers arises.

Stay connected and look for upcoming educational events hosted by Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice.

Volunteer Application Form (see link in left column)

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