Electrical Service Applications

Attention: For New Hydroelectric Billing Accounts

Did you just move in and want to set up your Nelson Hydro electrical account? Please speak to our Customer Service Representatives at 250-352-8206 or click here to get started.

New Home Construction or Upgrade of an Existing Electrical Service

When planning to build a new residential or commercial structure or upgrading an existing electrical service, contact Nelson Hydro Customer Service as early as possible to start the appropriate site visit and work orders. You may assign the steps below to your electrical contractor, but the applicant’s signature will be required on the work orders.

Please have the following information on hand when contacting Nelson Hydro:

  • Applicant’s name, mailing address and phone number (this is the new account holder)
  • Location, street number and postal code for the physical location of the work (the actual new building location)
  • Legal property description (located on the title for the property, and on the property tax notice)
  • Electrical contractor information (a licensed electrical contractor is required)

Email Nelson Hydro Design team

For detailed information see our New Customer Electrical Service Application (PDF)

Fixed Connection Rate Schedule

Nelson Hydro has a fixed connection rate schedule based on the amperage, voltage and overhead or underground delivery system. Your electrical contractor is responsible to inform Nelson Hydro as to the size and type of electrical service your construction requires. These considerations determine your connection charges.

Site Visit

Once Nelson Hydro has been contacted a site visit is required to choose meter location. If the new construction requires an extension of primary and/or secondary service, that project will be reviewed during the site visit. Should an extension of existing infrastructure (such as power poles) be required, those costs are borne by applicant.

Steps to Your New or Upgraded Electrical Service

  1. Contact Nelson Hydro
  2. Site visit is scheduled; electrical contractor must be present
  3. Nelson Hydro prepares estimate for work
  4. Customer pays estimate (and line extension cost deposit if necessary) at City Hall
  5. Customer’s electrician builds service; supplies WSBC declaration to Nelson Hydro
  6. Nelson Hydro line crew schedules and completes work
  7. Actuals will be billed to customer if line extension is required.
  8. Please note: No electrical connections can be scheduled until all payments, permits and necessary rights of way are in place.

Electrical Service Repair, Relocation, or Disconnection


If your existing electrical service requires replacement or repair, you will need to hire an electrical contractor. Nelson Hydro will coordinate the work with your contractor, who must supply a declaration to Nelson Hydro before service can be reconnected.


If your existing electrical service is in conflict with planned renovations or additions, it may be possible to relocate the electrical service. Contact Nelson Hydro Customer Service to arrange a site visit to explore available options.


If you require the electrical service to be removed from the structure completely—to allow demolition, for example—contact Nelson Hydro Customer Service to arrange a site visit to explore available options.

Temporary Disconnection

There are occasions when the existing electrical service may need to be temporarily disconnected. This can be arranged through your electrical contractor and Nelson Hydro. An example is disconnection to allow for tree removal (it is the customer’s responsibility to keep the service lines to the house clear). Disconnection and reconnection may be pre-arranged. Typically this service is offered at no cost, with some exceptions. Contact nelson Hydro for full details.

Underground Distribution Standards (for Contractors & Developers)

If you are applying to subdivide a parcel of land, please contact the Planning Department. See more information in our latest Underground Distribution Standards (PDF).

Solar (PV) Photovoltaic Application (Net Metering)

Nelson Hydro supports Net Metering up to 25kW. 

If you are interested in connecting a PV installation to the Nelson Hydro system, email Nelson Hydro Design Team. They will assist you with your inquiry and review the Net Metering Application requirements for filling out an Application for Net Metering.