Development Variances

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Development Variance Permits can be applied for to vary requirements of City bylaws including the Zoning Bylaw Number 3199, 2013

Development Variance Permits are typically applied for when a proposed development does not meet setback requirements, height requirements or parking requirements. As per the Local Government Act, variances cannot be used to vary use or density.

Variance Approval

Development Variance Permits are considered by Nelson City Council. Approval from appropriate government agencies, such as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, may also be required.

More Information

For more information about when a Development Variance Permit is required and how to apply for one, please see this information sheet Highlights - Development Variance Permits (PDF).

Board of Variance

Local governments that have adopted a Zoning Bylaw must establish a Board of Variance.  The City of Nelson has a Board of Variance comprised of three members.  The Board of Variance focuses primarily on hardship relating to matters  such as siting, dimensions, and size of buildings. A person may apply to  the Board of Variance if they feel compliance with the bylaw may cause  them hardship.


To apply for a Development Variance Permit or to the Board of Variance, please fill out a Development Application Form (PDF) and submit with the appropriate fee to the Department of Development Services and Engineering, 8:30 a.m. to  4:30 p.m., or by appointment, Monday through Friday. Applications may  also be submitted in PDF format by email to Development Services.

Electrical Servicing Requirements

Applicants must contact Nelson Hydro at 250-352-8240 for electrical servicing requirements.